Support and guidance, we provide ongoing support to ensure your teams keep on top of the code.

Working better with Retailers

We are passionate about improving relationships between Suppliers & Retailers and our services are aimed at delivering this.  We have undertaken many different aspects of consulting including the following: 

  • Working better with Retailers.  Project work to support investments.
  • Deep dive into accounts and specific issues.  This can be as much as about getting a better relationship but can include a detailed action plan to secure growth. 
  • Risk management and removal. 
  • Coaching individuals and teams to develop better skills working with retailers.  New or less experienced team members have benefited from some one-to-one support, focused around the commercial relationship. 

If you need any support with your commercial team engagements, or just want to talk an issue though – then please contact us.

Dispute Resolution

With over sixty years’ experience in the industry there is unlikely to be an issue that we have not faced. We know how difficult the UK Grocery market is today & we look to work with our clients to support them & provide insight and practical ways to work better with their Retail partners. Our approach is both strategic & collaborative and we look at ways that both businesses can work better by improving their relationship.


Savings of in excess of £24 million, smallest saving £5213 to largest saving in excess of £8.5m.

Related case studies
Getting a Cost Price Increase through the trade

Supplier contacted with a need to ensure a significant cost increase was delivered across the trade. Team were mixed experience and covered retail, wholesale and food service. Varied levels of negotiation training.

Factory closure avoided

Supplier received twelve week’s notice for full de-list, £18m of turnover & over 50% of site production volume. Products were innovative, award winning & exclusive to the Retailer.

Better negotiation capability across group of businesses

Client wanted their procurement team to have negotiation training to equip colleagues with the skills to build & maintain strong relationships with Suppliers & partners.

Complete de-list of client avoided

We were contacted by a client in January 2019 who had been given notice that their whole business was being de-listed and moved to a competitor. They had been given four months’ notice that the business would be lost after supplying a Retailer for over 10 years.